My Teenagers are Great at This:  THE BAIT AND SWITCH

While researching our brochure for “Learn the Secrets to Picking a Contractor” which is available for download Free on our website, I came across a cute anecdote about pricing and thought it was so true and wanted to share with you.

You know the one where someone tells you one price but then once they are there, or have you in the store it is a different price. Oh yes, there was fine print!

How would you feel if your babysitter said she charges $5 per hour, but when you come home from your evening out, she hands you this bill…

Four hours of babysitting time $ 20.00
Feed the kids $ 10.00
Read to the kids $ 10.00
Give kids bath $ 10.00
Put the kids to bed $ 10.00

Total $ 60.00

Wow! That great price for babysitting isn’t so great is it?

Let me know if you have had this happen to you, I’d love to hear it.  It doesn’t have to be about Duct Cleaning, any story will do.

I think my teenagers try this trick all the time. They start by asking you for one thing, like a ride somewhere. Then when you are in the car, you have to pickup two friends on the way, “oh by the way, they forgot to grab something to eat,” now they have to go to McDonald’s. Oh, yes also they need some cash to get into the event you are driving them to.  Sound familiar?