Hot Water Tanks

Hot Water Tanks

Hot Water Tanks are often referred to as Hot Water Heaters. However, regardless of the name you choose to call them, they are both the same thing as they all heat and store hot water.  The average Hot Water Tank’s lifespan is approximately 8-12 years, but its potential life expectancy depends on the brand, location, design of the unit, quality of installation, water quality, amount of use, and maintenance schedule. Professionals believe that you could possibly double the length of time the tank could last with proper maintenance 1.

Cross-section of a Hot Water Tanks

Annual Maintenance

Our Hot Water Tank Maintenance and Inspection includes the following:

  • Deep Flush of the Tank
  • Deep Cleaning of the Burners
  • Inspection for Cracks, Leaks, and other issues.


Some signs of needing a new hot water tank include leaking around the base, unusual noises occurring, or it taking an abnormally long time to get hot water.

A couple of things to consider when you are looking at replacing your Hot Water Heater include:

There are many different brands of Hot Water Tanks to choose from, but the biggest difference is in the warranties and the construction of the tank itself. We can install most brands of Hot Water Tanks, so if you have a preference we are more than happy to accommodate. We choose reliable and quality brands such as Bradford White, Rheem, Marathon, John Wood and more! For a quote, give us a call at (204) 982-6930!


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