Canada Greener Homes Grant

yCanada Greener Homes Grant

Natural Resources Canada has a new program called the Canada Greener Homes Grant. This program provides up to 700,000 grants worth up to $5,000 across Canada. You can register for this program and begin the steps online through your CRA Account.

Pre-Retrofit Process

Once registration is completed, the next step is to book a pre-retrofit EnerGuide evaluation. NRCan registered energy advisors perform these evaluations and will provide a report with their recommendations. You can find local NRCan registered energy advisors on the Natural Resources Canada Website. After that, the advisor will submit a report which is made available online through your CRA Account. This report contains their recommendations for your home. Once you have this report, you decide which recommendations you would like to pursue and choose a company to complete the work. There are some caveats to choosing a company that you should keep in mind during this process. For some eligible retrofits, like Electrical or Mechanical equipment, the installer must be a licensed and trained professional. In addition, some approved retrofits are only eligible for reimbursement if a specific product is selected from the list.

Post-Retrofit Process

Your next step is to book a post-retrofit evaluation with an NRCan registered energy advisor. They assess the energy savings of the completed retrofits and provide a report. The advisor submits the form to Natural Resources Canada and makes it available online. You must keep and submit all invoices upon request. This includes for the evaluations, equipment purchased, and installation costs. You must also be able to provide proof that a trained and licensed professional performed the install if required. Finally, the program officers review your file and approve the rebate amount. This information is available in your CRA portal, and you must confirm your grant total before you will receive repayment for your retrofits. If, for any reason, you do not agree with the amount, or have any questions, you can proceed with disputing the claim with the Greener Homes Initiative.