Hi, It’s Kathy with a K at Red River Furnace and Duct Cleaning. This week I heard about the very interesting Marketplace segment regarding scamming Duct Cleaning Companies which was aired on January 15, 2013.  I must see for those thinking about having their ducts cleaned.

I am including a link to the program. Watch Here

Unfortunately I am not that surprised.

Here are some pointer about the problems and procedures on the Market Place video:

1. Red River Furnace does not telemarket for new customers. We may contact our current customers, usually by mail or email, for renewals or coupons. In the film clip you will see that the telemarketing was sourced out to people from the Middle East. Clearly it is never a good idea to harass your customers.

2. Vent grills must be taken off to clean properly. Some vent grills may have to stay on as they are painted on or may cause damage to walls. Most can and should be removed.

3. The vents should be covered or closed except the one the technician is working on. This stops dust from shooting back into the house as seen on the program. Vents maybe done with paper, plastic, the grill itself or even just closing the vent mechanism allowing no dirt to escape.

4. All rooms must be cleaned and all vents in the home must be cleaned including all hot and cold air vents. No rooms should be skipped.

5. The duct cleaning should take approximately 1 – 1½ hours to complete with a two man crew or two plus hours with a one man crew.

6. The vacuum in the basement must be running during the cleaning of the individual vents in the home.

7. Just because an employee doesn’t like his job, wants to go to school or feels overworked doesn’t mean he should pretend he is duct cleaning while at your home, and on his job. It is deplorable and in excusable. It takes just as long a time to pretend you are cleaning and to actually clean!

8. The technicians should be able to show you a before and after of the vents, this can be done sufficiently with your eyes. You will need to ask the technicians before he starts work as it is not common practice.

Take care